Custom Development

Find the most advanced customized developed solutions catered towards your business growth. From Custom websites, Business applications, Analytics to Artificial Intelligence to app development, OMCT offers the latest technology solutions and tools to help you achieve your business goals and invest in strategies that take your business to the next level. Empower your team and modernize your workplace with the latest End-to-End technology services.

Our MVP (Minimum Viable Product) approach convert your big idea into workable solution prototype in weeks-not months.

Consult & Validate

In our digital economy, speed-to-market is critical. Savvy businesses want to transform their great idea into a digital product in record time. But funneling resources into digital product creation under ambitious deadlines can seem risky. OMCTs' experienced consultants and service design experts will help you understand market opportunities, uncover customers’ true motivations, and validate your product direction—before you make a major investment


We specialize in human-centric and cognitive design – the neuroscience behind user experience. Drawing from our expertise in service design and design thinking, we create customer experiences that drive adoption and loyalty. Our highly trained experts are skilled in designing new products as well as redesigning existing ones. Our team gives your product the competitive edge it needs to excel in the market


Our Agile development process takes a continuous cycle of build, measure, learn, improve. We work as part of your team to maximize efficiency, minimize surprises, and increase speed to market. This approach allows us to build functional, scalable front-end and back-end systems. Our developers stay ahead of emerging technologies in IoT, virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Whether you want us to drive the entire development process, or you need to augment your in-house development capabilities, OMCT can bring your product to life

Maintain & Support

Our team of experts provide continues support for your product & services even after Go-Live. We provide onsite and offsite AMCs (annual maintenance contracts) and maintain the SLAs (service level agreements) within logical limits to provide you with peace of mind and focus on your core business. 

We deliver cutting-edge customized technology solutions