This course gives delegates orientation and clear understanding of H2S gas including its nature and effects.


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Course Overview

The aims and objectives of the Basic H2S Training are to ensure that the delegate gains the required knowledge and clear understanding of H2S gas including its nature and effect to safeguard oneself and also the safe handling and use of breathing apparatus as well as appropriate emergency response actions that should be taken.

Hydrogen sulfide is a toxic substance that can cause health hazards and even death upon prolonged exposure. H2S is abundant in newly drilled and unprocessed natural gas. In different circumstances it can generate various illnesses, therefore, it is important that employees are well educated on how to properly handle, store, and dispose of hazardous materials.

Learning Objectives


Describe them physically


Identify potential sources


Recognize the hazards


Determine monitoring/detection methods


Identify necessary PPE


Discuss basic safe work practices

Course Outline

Day One
  • Introduction
  • what is H2S 
  • Where can you obtain it? 
  • Level of exposure to H2S
  • Factors determining the impact of exposure to H2S
  • Detection, evaluation of H2S
  • Emergency Response and Contingency Plan
  • Personal protective equipment against H2S hazards

Who Should Attend?

This highly practical and interactive course has been specifically designed for:

The H2S training Programme is for professionals who are or could be, working in an environment that could become contaminated by H2S gas.

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