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Advance Microsoft Access Training

Welcome to the Advanced Microsoft Access Training course: Mastering Database Development and Management. Microsoft Access is a powerful database management system that allows you to store, manipulate, and analyze large amounts of data. This course is designed to expand your knowledge and skills in Access, taking you from intermediate to advanced levels of database development and management. From data normalization and advanced queries to forms, reports, and automation, you will gain the expertise needed to create robust and efficient databases.

Course Outline

Module 1: Access Database Design Fundamentals

  • Review of database concepts and relational database design
  • Planning and structuring an Access database
  • Data normalization techniques for efficient data storage
  • Establishing relationships between tables

Module 2: Advanced Query Design and Optimization

  • Creating complex queries using multiple tables
  • Using advanced query techniques (subqueries, parameter queries)
  • Query optimization and performance tuning
  • Utilizing calculated fields and expressions in queries

Module 3: Advanced Form Design and Customization

  • Designing user-friendly and intuitive data entry forms
  • Implementing advanced form controls and navigation techniques
  • Creating subforms and linked forms for data relationships
  • Customizing form layouts and formatting

Module 4: Advanced Report Design and Automation

  • Designing professional and visually appealing reports
  • Using advanced report controls and grouping options
  • Adding calculated fields and expressions in reports
  • Automating report generation and distribution

Module 5: Data Integration and External Data Sources

  • Importing and exporting data between Access and other applications
  • Linking external data sources (Excel, SQL Server, SharePoint)
  • Utilizing Access as a front-end interface for data management
  • Connecting to external data through ODBC and OLEDB connections

Module 6: Advanced Data Analysis and Reporting

  • Performing advanced data analysis using queries and SQL
  • Utilizing advanced functions and expressions for data manipulation
  • Creating crosstab queries and parameter queries for dynamic analysis
  • Building interactive dashboards and data visualizations

Module 7: Access Macros and Automation

  • Introduction to Access macros for automation
  • Creating and modifying macros for common tasks
  • Using macro conditions and actions for advanced automation
  • Integrating macros with forms and reports

Module 8: Database Security and Administration

  • Implementing security measures and user permissions
  • Creating and managing user accounts and passwords
  • Backing up and restoring Access databases
  • Compact and repair techniques for optimizing database performance

Module 9: Advanced Database Management Techniques

  • Database maintenance and performance optimization
  • Using database tools for troubleshooting and error handling
  • Implementing data validation and referential integrity
  • Database splitting for multi-user environments

Module 10: Integration with Office and Web Applications

  • Utilizing Access with other Microsoft Office applications
  • Exporting and importing data to and from Excel, Word, and Outlook
  • Integrating Access with web applications and SharePoint
  • Publishing Access databases to the web


  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft Access and database concepts
  • Familiarity with creating tables, queries, forms, and reports in Access
  • Experience working with databases and data management

By the end of this course, you will have a deep understanding of advanced database development and management in Microsoft Access. You will be able to create robust databases, design advanced forms and reports, perform complex data analysis, automate tasks, and ensure the security and efficiency of your Access databases. Master the power of Microsoft Access with the Advanced Microsoft Access Training: Mastering Database Development and Management course.

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