Advanced Well Completion and Workover Technologies

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Advanced Well Completion and Workover Technologies

The Advanced Well Completion and Workover Technologies course focuses on advanced techniques and technologies used in well completion and workover operations to enhance well performance, increase productivity, and extend the life of oil and gas wells. The course covers a range of topics related to advanced completion and workover methods. Here are some key aspects that may be covered in the course:

  1. Advanced Completion Techniques: The course covers advanced completion techniques such as intelligent completions, multi-zone completions, and sand control methods. Participants will learn about the design and installation of these systems to optimize reservoir drainage, improve production efficiency, and manage sand production.

  2. High-Pressure/High-Temperature (HP/HT) Completions: HP/HT completions involve the design and implementation of completion systems capable of withstanding extreme reservoir conditions. Participants will learn about the challenges associated with HP/HT environments and the advanced technologies and materials used to ensure safe and reliable completions.

  3. Expandable Tubular Technology: Expandable tubular technology allows for the expansion of tubulars downhole, eliminating the need for conventional casing and reducing costs. The course covers the design, installation, and benefits of expandable tubular systems in well completions and workovers.

  4. Intelligent Well Systems: Intelligent well systems integrate sensors, control systems, and communication tools to monitor and control well performance in real-time. Participants will learn about the components and applications of intelligent well systems, including downhole gauges, flow control devices, and data acquisition systems.

  5. Inflow Control Devices (ICDs) and Outflow Control Devices (OCDs): ICDs and OCDs are used to manage fluid flow along the wellbore, optimize production rates, and prevent unwanted fluid influx or outflow. The course covers the design, selection, and installation of ICDs and OCDs to maximize well performance and reservoir recovery.

  6. Advanced Workover Techniques: The course also covers advanced workover techniques used to maintain and enhance well productivity. Topics may include coiled tubing interventions, hydraulic workovers, sidetracking operations, and wellbore cleanout techniques. Participants will learn about the planning, execution, and equipment used in these advanced workover operations.

  7. Integrated Production Systems: The course may explore the integration of completion systems with surface production facilities. Participants will gain an understanding of how completion design affects the overall production system and learn about optimization strategies to maximize production and minimize operational risks.

  8. Risk Assessment and Management: Advanced well completion and workover technologies come with their own risks and challenges. The course may address risk assessment methodologies, hazard identification, and risk management strategies specific to advanced completion and workover operations.

Throughout the course, participants will learn about various drilling methods and techniques used in the industry, including rotary drilling, directional drilling, and offshore drilling. They will explore the functions and components of drilling rigs, such as drill bits, drill pipes, and drilling mud systems, and understand their roles in the drilling process.

The course will cover essential concepts related to well planning and design, including wellbore stability, casing and cementing operations, and well control techniques. Participants will gain insights into the importance of geology in drilling operations, as they learn about formation evaluation, pore pressure analysis, and wellbore hydraulics.

The Advanced Well Completion and Workover Technologies course typically combines theoretical lectures, case studies, and practical exercises to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the advanced techniques, technologies, and best practices in well completions and workovers. It is designed for professionals working in drilling and well operations who want to expand their knowledge and skills in advanced completion and workover methods.

Advanced Well Completion and Workover Technologies1

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