Angular / Angular JS

Web and Mobile Development Courses

Course Outline

  • Module 1: Introduction to Web Development and Angular

    • Overview of front-end and client-side development
    • Introduction to Angular and AngularJS frameworks
    • Setting up development environment (Node.js, npm)
    • Creating a basic Angular project structure

    Module 2: AngularJS Fundamentals

    • Introduction to AngularJS architecture
    • Directives: ng-app, ng-controller, ng-model, etc.
    • Filters and expressions
    • Data binding: two-way and one-way binding
    • Controllers and scope management

    Module 3: Components and Templates in Angular

    • Introduction to components in modern Angular
    • Building templates using Angular’s template syntax
    • Data binding in Angular: property binding, event binding, two-way binding
    • Angular expressions and template syntax

    Module 4: Services and Dependency Injection

    • Creating and using services in AngularJS
    • Understanding the role of services in Angular
    • Dependency injection: concepts and benefits
    • Injecting services into components and modules

    Module 5: Routing and Navigation

    • Routing in AngularJS using ngRoute
    • Creating a single-page application (SPA) with AngularJS
    • Introduction to Angular Router for modern Angular
    • Setting up routes and navigation in Angular applications
    • Module 6: Forms and User Input Handling

      • Handling forms and user input in AngularJS
      • Form validation and error handling
      • Template-driven forms in modern Angular
      • Reactive forms and form validation in Angular


    • Module 7: Directives and Custom Components

      • Building custom directives in AngularJS
      • Introduction to Angular directives
      • Creating custom reusable components in modern Angular
      • Using ngIf, ngFor, and other built-in directives

      Module 8: State Management with Redux (NgRx)

      • Overview of Redux architecture and principles
      • Introduction to NgRx for state management in Angular applications
      • Actions, reducers, selectors, and effects
      • Implementing state management using NgRx

      Module 9: HTTP and Data Interaction

      • Making HTTP requests in AngularJS using $http
      • Introduction to Angular’s HttpClient module
      • Consuming RESTful APIs in Angular applications
      • Handling asynchronous operations and observables

      Module 10: Testing and Debugging Angular Apps

      • Writing unit tests for AngularJS using Karma and Jasmine
      • Introduction to testing tools in modern Angular (Jasmine, TestBed)
      • Debugging techniques and tools for Angular applications

      Module 11: Deployment and Best Practices

      • Building and optimizing AngularJS applications for production
      • Building, bundling, and deploying modern Angular applications
      • Performance optimization and best practices
      • Security considerations in Angular development

      Module 12: Migration and Future Trends

      • Strategies for migrating from AngularJS to Angular
      • Understanding the differences and benefits of modern Angular
      • Exploring the Angular ecosystem and community

Learning Outcome 

Throughout the course, practical exercises, coding assignments, and projects should be included to reinforce concepts and provide hands-on experience. The course content can be adapted based on the learners’ existing knowledge and the duration of the course.

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