Assessment of Data Governance and Data Quality



Assessment of Data Governance and Data Quality

Data is said to be the new oil. Data is generated in every enterprise. Some of this data is captured, some is lost. Some of the captured data is used efficiently to add value to the enterprise. The efficient utilization of enterprise data depends on its good governance and on the assurance of its quality.

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Why Data Governance

Since data is an enterprise asset, its good governance is the responsibility of the governing body. The governance of data should therefore be assessed on the basis of standards and best practices. We have our own methodology for the assessment of data governance and data quality based on ISO 38505 and ISO 8000 standards.

Data Assessment

This assessment of data governance and data quality results in the identification of gaps and risks and vulnerabilities resulting from these gaps. We also advise the enterprise on measures to fill these gaps and mitigate the risks.

Our Certified Team

Azhar Zia-ur-Rehman

GRC Expert

Highly experienced and certified technology governance executive with rich experience in governance, management and technology audit. Author of the first ever book on technology governance. Advising companies on the fourth industrial revolution employing own tries and tested DIGI4MATION methodology and FOURAMEWORK standards framework. Helping large enterprises on data governance and data quality.

Dr. Fateh Mehmood

IT Security & Forensics

An information security and digital forensic consultant and trainer with 20 years experience and achievement across the whole spectrum of technical and management aspects of computer networking & telecommunications. I obviously come from a very hands-on technical background and feel that this helps enormously when complex technical solutions need to be simplified and documented.

Muhammad Iqbal Bari

Cloud Expert

Information and Communication technology professional with more than 20 years of industry experience working in top UAE corporates in telecommunication and aviation industry. Worked on the public cloud starting with Amazon introduction of S3 cloud storage and specializes in Microsoft Azure hyper-scale cloud with Microsoft Cloud.

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