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Augmented & Virtual Reality

OrientMCT augmented virtual reality solutions for immersive experiences, across platforms and hardware. 

Augmented Virtual Reality

Augmented virtual reality pushes the boundaries of conventional learning with Entrancing Simulations and near to the real world through audio-visual experience. Companies work with OrientMCT AR/VR developers to boost their development teams and build user-friendly augmented virtual reality applications, augmented reality games and machine learning applications that improve customer experience and other use cases.

Web Portal Applications Development

Custom AR Development

OrientMCT AR developers build amazing AR apps that extend real-world scenes with video transmission, image recognition, and 3D rendering, providing an interactive user experience.

Android AR Development

Specifically focused on developing AR applications for Android, OrientMCT’s AR developers support both location and marker-based apps through DroidAR, a freely available SDK supported on GitHub.

We use unique approach, to solve your Problem

OrientMCT embed the extra layer of disruptive approach which makes our solutions unique along with the solid strategy and execution planning. Having plans and processes aligned with expected outcomes drives a business to grow steadily and successfully. That is why our team of experts takes the time to understand your business inside and out, so we can help you build an IT strategy that enables your business to succeed. Our process of Intentional Design helps our clients build success through IT innovation and automation.

Creating transformational new digital products (mobile & web) at the intersection of market opportunity, customer experience, and emerging technology.

Re-architecting legacy technology for better speed, scale, security, and user experience.

Building intelligent and low-friction digital solutions to automate manual and inefficient business processes.

Harnessing data into actionable insights and analytics, leveraging the latest in cloud technology, business intelligence, and machine learning.


Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Voice, Natural Language Processing, Chatbots, Augmented/Virtual Reality, Blockchain and more.

SAP, Microsoft, Pluralsight, Vocalcom, Ideation360, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform and more…

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