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devops enablement
devops enablement

What Is Devops enablement And Why Your Organization Should Adopt It

DevOps is a set of practices that aligns software development teams and IT operations teams to create and improve software products at a faster pace than they can with traditional software development approaches.

Organizations that successfully implemented DevOps benefit from greater effectiveness measured in greater productivity and improved collaboration. With a single team composed of cross-functional members all working in collaboration and leveraging innovative new automation capabilities. DevOps organizations can deliver faster, deliver better functionality, and drive more innovation.

How OrientMCT Enable's Devops In Customer Organization

OrientMCT’s decade of AWS experience has enabled us to create real-world DevOps methodologies and best practices that we share with our clients to help improve their process and accelerate their success beyond the initial engagement.

We help organizations in transition from waterfall based, long monolithic application development cycles to much shorter, iterative microservices based releases as illustrated below

In this process, both development as well as operations teams now share their responsibilities as x-functional team experts, the entire team is responsible for delivering both new features and stability.

DevOps teams benefit from automation and product environment standardization, making deployments predictable and relieving your highly skilled team members from routine repetitive tasks

devops graphics
devops model

OrientMCT Devops Enablement Best Practice Model

Our best practices are built on seven pillars inextricably linked by an improved communication and collaboration culture and capability

Benefits Of A OrientMCT / AWS Devops Enablement Partnership

devops enablement
Velocity and Rapid Delivery

Move at high velocity so you can innovate for customers faster, adapt to changing markets better, and grow more efficient at driving business results. Increase the frequency and pace of releases so you can innovate and improve your product faster by deploying CI/CD pipelines

Reliability and Security

Ensure the quality of application updates and infrastructure changes so you can reliably deliver at a more rapid pace while maintaining a positive experience for end-users. Adopt DevOps without sacrificing security by using automated compliance policies, fine-grained controls (e.g. infrastructure as code and policy as code), and configuration management techniques to define and then track compliance at scale

devops enablement
devops enablement
Scale and Collaboration

Operate and manage your infrastructure and development processes at scale. Automation and consistency help you manage complex or changing systems efficiently and with reduced risk. Build more effective teams under a DevOps cultural model, which emphasizes values such as ownership and accountability. Developers and operations teams collaborate closely, share many responsibilities, and combine their workflows, reducing inefficiencies and save time

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Support OrientMCT Provides Organizations



OrientMCT provides Assessing DevOps readiness and needs



Developing competencies by helping them build and deploy software using the practices described above



Empowerment through rigorous and transparent knowledge transfer and AWS DevOps assimilation

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