Banksman Safety


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Course Overview

Where an organization’s risk assessment identifies that there is a requirement for Flagman/Banksman
training, this course satisfies the requirements of the regulatory body for Flagman/Banksman– OSHAD
SF (CoPs – 44.0 Traffic Management and Logistics)
This training helps to meet regulatory requirements and reduce the risk of costly accidents when
carrying out commonplace works involving movement of vehicle/ equipment and workers/pedestrians,
including dangerous vehicle reversing and blind spots

Learning Objectives

This course aims to raise awareness of the dangers caused when vehicles reverse or during plant
movements and introduces practical techniques and hand signals to assist drivers with this maneuver.
Delegates will also be trained in the necessary skills to assist other drivers and pedestrians/workers.

Course Outline

Day One

• Understand roles and responsibilities of Banksman,
• Protecting self and co-workers
• Protecting the public
• Guiding traffic efficiently
• Your flagging station, where to stand, Curve, blind spots
• Road conditions affect stopping distance
• Ensure the safe passage of reversing vehicles in restricted spaces,
• Identify areas of danger within the site,
• Demonstrate site rules and recommended code of signals,
• Regulatory signs, legal obligations on ALL traffic
• Warning signs
• Traffic control devices – cones, tubular markers and vertical panels, barricade
• Flags – lighted wands or flashlights
• Radios
• Understand importance of communication.
• PPE requirements
• Emergency vehicles
• Flagging at night
• How to flag/signal correctly
• Flagging with automatic flagger assistance devices at night
• Flagging Procedures
• Managing traffic at an accident site
• Flagger Conduct
• Dealing with hostile individuals
• Reporting requirement


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