CCIE Routing & Switching


CCIE Routing & Switching

Welcome to the CCIE Routing & Switching Certification Training: Advanced Network Infrastructure course. The CCIE Routing & Switching certification is the most prestigious and highly sought-after certification for network engineers. This course is designed to provide you with expert-level knowledge and skills in designing, implementing, and managing complex network infrastructures. Through hands-on labs and in-depth discussions, you will develop the expertise required to become a proficient CCIE Routing & Switching professional.

Course Outline

  • Module 1: Advanced Networking Concepts

    • Review of networking fundamentals
    • Advanced IP addressing and subnetting techniques
    • Interior and exterior routing protocols
    • Multicast routing and protocols

    Module 2: LAN and Campus Infrastructure

    • Designing and implementing advanced LAN architectures
    • High availability and redundancy in campus networks
    • Advanced VLAN and Spanning Tree configurations
    • Ethernet switching technologies and protocols

    Module 3: WAN and Service Provider Connectivity

    • Implementing advanced WAN technologies (MPLS, DMVPN, etc.)
    • Quality of Service (QoS) for WAN and service provider connections
    • Traffic engineering and path control in WAN environments
    • Service provider technologies and configurations

    Module 4: Network Security and Policy

    • Advanced network security concepts and principles
    • Implementing secure access control and policies
    • VPN (Virtual Private Network) technologies and configurations
    • Network threat mitigation and intrusion prevention systems
  • Module 5: Network Services and Management

    • Advanced network services (DNS, DHCP, NTP, etc.)
    • Network monitoring and management tools
    • Network automation and programmability
    • Network troubleshooting and performance optimization

    Module 6: Network Design and Optimization

    • Network design principles and methodologies
    • Advanced network architectures and scalability
    • Network optimization and performance tuning
    • Network migration and integration strategies

    Module 7: Cisco Certification Exam Preparation

    • Overview of the CCIE Routing & Switching certification exam
    • Exam topics and question formats
    • Study strategies and resources
    • Practice exams and mock tests


  • In-depth knowledge of networking concepts and protocols
  • Extensive experience with Cisco routers and switches
  • Strong understanding of TCP/IP, subnetting, and routing protocols
  • Familiarity with network security and service provider technologies

By the end of this course, you will have the expertise required to pass the CCIE Routing & Switching certification exam and become a highly skilled network engineer. You will be able to design, implement, and manage complex network infrastructures, and troubleshoot advanced network issues. Prepare yourself for the pinnacle of networking certifications with the CCIE Routing & Switching Certification Training

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