CIA Part 2

Business Management

 The process by which an individual determines direction, influences a group, and directs the group toward a specific goal or mission. 

CIA Part 2

CIA Learning System Program is designed to expand internal audit knowledge, build confidence for addressing today’s internal audit challenges, and prepare you for theCertified Internal Auditor (CIA) exam. The program utilizes The Institute of Internal Auditors CIA Learning System.CIA Learning System is a premier quality CIA review course designed to meet the unique needs of busy internal audit professionals. Developed under the guidance of CIAcertified subject matter experts, this program will provide you with the tools necessary to successfully prepare for the CIA exam in the time frame that best suits you.

By the end of the course

  • Define internal audit, its scope and function within the company
  • Able to list internal audit standards constituting the framework of the internal audit
  • Distinguish the types of internal audit assignments related to operational, compliance or financial internal audit
  • Describe the internal audit fieldwork guidelines and apply techniques for risk identification, controls identification and controls testing
  • Select the appropriate internal audit test tools and list the advantages and disadvantages of each
  • Identify best sampling techniques in an internal audit assignment in terms of sample size or sample selection
  • Recognize fraud and express internal auditor’s responsibility upon fraud detection

Program Outline:

  1. Section I: Managing the Internal Audit Activity
  2. Section II: Planning the Engagement
  3. Section III: Performing the Engagement
  4. Section IV: CommunicatingEngagement Results and Monitoring Progress


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