Commissioning of electrical equipment


Several types of testing, measuring and evaluating instruments are used to ensure that the electrical equipment is accurately functional.

Commissioning of electrical equipment Services

Electrical acceptance testing and commissioning of electric power systems are required prior to the first start-up of any electrical system, regardless of size, kind, or industry. It’s an once-in-a-lifetime event that presents electrical workers with some unique obstacles. Inexperience and poor planning will inevitably result in lengthy start-up delays, which can result in significant productivity losses.

This course will be offered comprehensive and crucial guidelines to understanding elements and procedures involved in the commissioning and start-up of electrical apparatus and systems involved in major industrial and commercial projects. The importance of planning and preparation for the project, from engineering to commissioning and startup, will be emphasized

The major goal of commissioning and testing electric systems is to improve the strength, dependability, and consistency of electrical power systems once they’ve been connected by finding any problems and giving a set of reference values to compare with subsequent tests. It will cover the operation and testing of electrical equipment such as motors, variable-speed drives, transformers, and other similar devices.

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