Concrete Structure Designing for Projects


Steel and reinforced concrete structures are the most used in industrial sector special in oil and gas field for onshore and offshore. 

Concrete Structure Designing for Projects Services

Concrete Structure Designing for Industrial Projects training course will fill the gap between the academic knowledge and skill required for industrial project design in general and in particular for oil and gas and power generation projects. Advanced inspection procedures for fresh and hardened concrete, as well as how to develop a maintenance plan for all concrete structures, will be presented.

The integrity management system procedure will be demonstrated, taking into account the major factors in the design of composite concrete-steel floor systems, with a focus on vibration problems caused by resonance, human comfort, the need to control movement for sensitive equipment, construction, and repair in order to keep the concrete structure in good working order throughout its lifetime.

The engineer will be familiar with any problem and its solution in the concrete structure in the petrochemical industry and its causes of failure.  

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