Crisis Management and Emergency Response


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Course Overview

Unlikely events commonly occur in all aspects of our professional environment. Whether a small office or a major corporation headquarters, understanding the importance and challenges to individuals when addressing crisis management or emergency situations is vital for the safety and security of human life, revenues, and reputation.

  • This crisis management and emergency response workshop offers students the basics in identifying, preventing, and controlling crisis situations. Crisis management basics, from preparation to training and compliance are discussed, as are various stages of a crisis, and the need to establish a emergency response team. Clearly identifying the roles and functions of each team member is essential for the ultimate success of contingency planning, which is also discussed.
  • This course also helps students identify potential risks or situations that may precipitate a crisis or emergency and learn approaches on how to respond to such incidents.

Learning Objectives


Learners will be able to implement, define and identify crisis management


Learners will be able to understand basics and various stages of crisis management


Learners will Gain a mastery of different types of emergencies in various scenarios


Learners will be able to describe roles and responsibilities of crisis management and emergency response team


Learners will be able to discuss effective contingency / response plan, damage control

Course Outline

Day One
  • Introductions
  • Setting ground rules
  • Define crisis management and emergency response
  • Identify what crisis is
  • Local legislation to cover OSHAD cops
  • Describe basics and types of crisis management.
  • Various stages of crisis
  • How to establish crisis management and emergency response team
  • Role of crisis and emergency response manager
  • Practical crisis management
  • Psychology behind crisis management and response decisions
  • Emergency response scenarios
  • Common weaknesses in crisis management plan
  • Contingency planning
  • Implementation of damage control


Who Should Attend?

This highly practical and interactive course has been specifically designed for:

Office Managers, Senior Managers, Decision Makers, Engineers, Project Staff, Employees, Team members

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