Design of High-Rise Steel Structures - The Basics

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Design of High-Rise Steel Structures - The Basics

Bridges, buildings, industrial warehouses, high-rise towers, and other numerous structures utilise steel in their design and construction to ensure maximum strength and withstanding the external structural forces. Steel is the only viable option in constructing these structures apart from reinforced concrete for various reasons, including high stiffness levels, high strength, toughness, resistance to force, and ductility. It is also relatively less heavy and has a high speed of construction with a very competitive low cost as compared to other materials. In other regions of the world, it is the favourite construction material superseding reinforced concrete because of its easy use when erecting temporary structures.

Course Outline (Topics)

  • – Introduction: Definitions and uses of steel high-rise buildings 

  • Basic design issues – Anatomy, codes

  • Floor framing 

  • Lateral-Force Resisting System

  •  Foundations 

  • Special challenges 

  • Unequal column shortening 

  • Wind and seismic resistance 

  • Fireproofing 

  • Case Studies

Course Duration

2 days 

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