Distributed Control System

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Distributed Control System

At one time, taking the thousands of pieces of information in a plant and displaying it on some kind of information system was a real challenge and in fact, impossible.  With the development of Distributed Control Systems (DCS) it is now easy to take all the information and organize it in a hierarchical system. DCS displays information on a computer and allows process operators to run the process, making the process information available to other people in the plant.  Once the DCS converts the process information to personal computer language, it can be distributed to everyone on the plant site and to other parts of the organization that may be located anywhere in the world.

Course Outline (Topics)

  • Control Problems 
  • Symbols And Terminology 
  • Sensor And Control Performance 
  • Basic Control Loops And Their Interconnections 
  • Simple Feedback Control 
  • Feed-Forward Plus Feedback Control 
  • Cascade Control 
  • Ratio Control 
  • Safety Interlocks 
  • Automatic Start-Up Sequencing 
  • Control Modes (Response) 
  • Control Systems- Exercises & Case Studies

Course Duration

2 days 

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