Drilling Rigger (Basic)

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Drilling Rigger (Basic)

Drill Rig Machine for drilling blasting holes

The Drilling Rigger (Basic) course is designed to provide participants with the foundational knowledge and skills required to work as a rigger on a drilling rig. Rigging involves the safe and efficient handling, lifting, and moving of heavy equipment and materials on the rig site.

Throughout the course, participants will learn about the role and responsibilities of a drilling rigger. They will understand the importance of rigging in maintaining a safe and productive drilling operation. Participants will gain insights into the rigging terminology, basic rigging principles, and industry standards and regulations.

Participants will explore different types of rigging equipment, including slings, shackles, hoists, and lifting devices. They will learn about the inspection, maintenance, and safe use of rigging equipment. Participants will understand the proper techniques for rigging and securing loads, including load calculations, weight distribution, and center of gravity considerations.

The course will cover safe rigging practices and procedures. Participants will learn about hazard identification, risk assessment, and the implementation of safety protocols during rigging operations. They will understand the importance of communication, teamwork, and situational awareness in maintaining a safe working environment.

Participants will gain practical skills through hands-on exercises and simulations. They will learn how to properly attach and detach loads, use various rigging techniques, and communicate effectively with other rig crew members during lifting operations. Participants will also understand the basics of signaling and crane operations.

The course will emphasize the importance of personal protective equipment (PPE) and adherence to safety regulations. Participants will learn about the use and maintenance of PPE specific to rigging activities, such as hard hats, safety harnesses, gloves, and safety boots.

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By the end of the Drilling Rigger (Basic) course, participants will have a foundational understanding of rigging principles, equipment, and safe practices. They will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to work as a basic drilling rigger on a drilling rig, ensuring the safe and efficient handling of equipment and materials. This course is valuable for individuals seeking entry-level positions in the drilling industry or those who require a basic understanding of rigging for their role on the rig.

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