Emergency Evacuation

The course is aimed to enable learners to distinguish between an emergency and an incident as well as understanding the different types of emergencies


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Course Overview

As per guidelines of OSHAD-SF – CoP – 7.0 – Fire prevention Planning and Control.

This course is aimed to enable learners on how to perform duties of a building emergency evacuation warden. Planning and enabling evacuation drills, constructing emergency alarm signals, evacuation routes, external assembly sites, and evacuation procedures are all covered in this course. Learners will be able to describe the many types of workplace emergency alarms, as well as the protocols for responding to them.

Learning Objectives


Learners will be able to understand the concepts of emergency and emergency preparedness training


Learners will be able to identify emergency planning and preventions used


Learners will Gain knowledge of roles during an emergency


Learners will be able to develop actions to take in the event of an emergency


Learners will be able to apply systems for protection and warning in the event of an emergency.

Course Outline

Day One
  • Emergency Action Plan 
  • Natural Catastrophes 
  • Evacuation Procedures 
  • Types of emergencies and responses
  • Communication channels 
  • General Evacuation and duties 
  • Emergency response personnel
  • Authorities and responsibilities 
  • The evacuation 

Who Should Attend?

This highly practical and interactive course has been specifically designed for:

Individuals who contribute in parts of work within critical areas of emergency response and emergency evacuation plan. 

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