Emiratization & National Development Programs

Emiratization & National Development Programs

Orient MCT work closely with Emiratization initiatives and National Youth Development programs that allow Emirati employees integrated in positions that meet their skills and expertise in vital sectors

List of UAE Emiratization Initiatives


  •  Tawteen
  • UAE Skills
  • Emirates Graduate Program
  • Training for Work
  •  UAE National Development Program
  • Khebraty Program


Orient MCT design, develop and implement specialized vocational and competency-based programs that prepare and empower Emirati jobseekers with theoretical and applied skills to enhance performance in all sectors. The programs will contribute to nurturing necessary skills and empowering Emiratis to offer an added value to the private sector, which plays an integral role in the country’s development.

List of Orient MCT Emiratization Offering

  • Engineering & Industrial Training & Qualification Programs
  • Vocational & Technical Training & Qualification Programs
  • Apprenticeships & On-the-Job Training & Qualifications
  • Entrepreneurship training programs
  • Upskilling & Reskilling Programs
  • Job Qualification and Skills Development
  • Management & Administrative training programs
  • Medical & Healthcare Training & Qualification Programs
  • Banking & Financial Training Programs
  •  IT & Computer proficiency training & qualification programs
  • Aviation & tourism Management Training
  • HSE training & Qualification Programs
  • Linguistics Training & Qualifications