Feasibility Studies- Preparation, Analysis and Evaluation

Business Management

 The process by which an individual determines direction, influences a group, and directs the group toward a specific goal or mission. 

Feasibility Studies- Preparation, Analysis and Evaluation

Course Description

This course provides professionals a firm basis to determine whether the project has sufficient
merit to continue into more detailed phase. This is achieved by means of a feasibility study. A
well-developed feasibility study is an essential foundation to allow project analysis and design
activities to commence in a focused manner. It either refines a business case by examining the
range of possible options and potential issues or forms a basis for its development.
Feasibility studies address issues that could influence the success of a potential project and assess
the advantages and disadvantages of each option so they can be ranked. The end product of the
study is a clear, concise report which presents the proposed project’s objectives, with conclusions
and recommendations for the next phase.

Learning Outcome

By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:
• Understand What is a feasibility study and when is it used
• Employ individual leadership performance by identifying methods of completing feasibility
• Discover effective project planning for feasibility studies for individuals and teams
• Examine project management techniques to plan and organize feasibility studies
• Use stakeholder management to involve stakeholders in feasibility studies
• Apply useful planning, organization and people management skills
• Review and comment on payment methods and cash management
• Analyze the need to incorporate risk and uncertainty into accounts payable analysis
• Identify best practice across all industries
• Learn how to critically analyses a feasibility study
• Demonstrate applications of project management skills and technique

Course Content

  1. Planning a Feasibility Study
  2. Considering the Options
  3. The Risk Assessment
  4. Understanding the concept of “Liquidity ratios”
  5. The Feasibility Assessment and Evaluation
  6. Preparing the Report

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