Fire Emergency Drill

A fire drill is an emergency procedure which aims to emulate and provide staff with information, fire safety instruction and training.


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Course Overview

This course is based OSHAD guidelines – OSHAD Elements – Emergency Management. 

The goal of the Fire Emergency Drill course is to practice roles and responsibilities in advance to save lives, assets and the environment. This course will offer comprehensive training in emergency preparedness with practical drill based on emergency scenario.

Learning Objectives


Learners will be able to identify different types of fire.


Learners will be able to understand necessary steps to avoid and respond to emergencies.


Learners will be taught the escape path and where the fire doors are in their building.


Learners will know here to get fire extinguishers and other safety equipment.

Course Outline

Day One

·         Duties of employees and employers under fire legislation

·         Basic principles of fire safety including: Prevention, detection and warning

·         Standard fire instructions

·         Actions on hearing fire alarm sounder / warning

·         Actions on discovering a fire

·         Emergency fire evacuation and role of fire wardens

·         Preventing fire spread

·         Understanding class of fire, selecting suitable fire extinguishers and fighting fire




Who Should Attend?

This highly practical and interactive course has been specifically designed for:

Employees at all levels, can also be customized to anyone who works in a commercial setting and wants to learn about fire safety procedures.

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