Gas Cutting Safety

The course teaches candidates to understand, reduce and eliminate the risk involved in using the tools and to be aware of safe systems of work as well as a control measure.


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Course Overview

Gas Cutting with Gas Cutter is fire producing operation can start dangerous fires at workplaces. Collectively known as hot work, such processes require specific permits and procedures be followed to prevent the ignition of vapors, liquids and solids that may be in or near the work area. Careless hot work operations can quickly lead to fires, extensive property damage, severe injuries or death. Flammable gas release can be furthermore disastrous. This program discusses the safe work practices that should be taken to prevent such incidents and reviews the responsibilities of those workers involved in hot work tasks.

As per guidelines of OSHAD-SF – CoP (Code of Practice) 28 – Hot Works Safety, CoP 49.0 Compressed Gases and Air

Course Outline

Day One
  • Competence Requirements 
  • Types of Accidents in Gas Cutting Works 
  • Prevention Of Gas Fires
  • PPE Requirements 
  • Gas Cutting Equipment
  • Requirements of gas hose 
  • Requirements of gas cylinders handling storage and use
  • Requirements of hot work in confined space  
  • Requirements of hot work permit 

Who Should Attend?

This highly practical and interactive course has been specifically designed for:

Gas Cutters and workers involved in hot work activities, Gas cylinder procurement, storage and handling.

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