Gas Turbine- General Electrical System Maintenance

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Gas Turbine- General Electrical System Maintenance

Gas Turbine: General Electrical System Maintenance is a specialized course that focuses on the maintenance and troubleshooting of the electrical systems associated with gas turbines. Gas turbines are widely used in power generation and industrial applications, and their electrical systems play a crucial role in their operation and control.

The course covers the following key topics:

  1. Overview of gas turbine electrical systems: Understanding the electrical components and subsystems of gas turbines, including generators, switchgear, control systems, and instrumentation.
  2. Maintenance strategies: Developing effective maintenance strategies for gas turbine electrical systems, including routine inspections, testing, and preventive maintenance.
  3. Electrical system troubleshooting: Learning techniques for identifying and resolving electrical issues, such as equipment failures, electrical faults, and control system malfunctions.
  4. Safety considerations: Understanding the safety protocols and procedures associated with working on gas turbine electrical systems, including lockout/tagout, electrical hazards, and personal protective equipment.
  5. Instrumentation and control system maintenance: Examining the maintenance requirements for gas turbine instrumentation and control systems, including calibration, sensor replacement, and control system tuning.
  6. Documentation and record-keeping: Maintaining accurate documentation of maintenance activities, equipment history, and compliance records.

This course is designed for electrical technicians, engineers, and maintenance personnel involved in the operation and maintenance of gas turbine electrical systems. It provides participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure the reliability, safety, and optimal performance of gas turbine electrical systems.

Gas Turbine General Electrical System Maintenance

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