IA Professional Ethics & Standards

IA Professional Ethics & Standards

General description of the Workshop
This 3-day workshop is based on the IIA Framework and the ADNOC business practices and
ethics guidelines.
The attendees shall learn of the Framework and the ADNOC ethics and discuss situations and
cases where ethical issues could arise.
This Workshop is a combination of discussions and hands-on work.
Who Should Attend
This course is intended for audit professionals’ others who intend to move to this domain.
Course Objectives
The objective of this workshop is to inform ADNOC audit professionals of the professional
responsibilities and ethics that they should follow as defined in the IIA and ADNOC itself.
Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to –

  1.  understand the Professional Ethics & Standards purpose & use in IA Engagements;
  2. understand the need to comply with the business code of conduct and other ethical policies
    of the company;
  3.  understand the need to comply with the applicable International Audit Standards
  4. understand and follow due professional care at all stages of the Internal Audit Process.
  5.  understand the need to comply with the principles of the Internal Audit profession’s Ethical
  6.  identify possible breaches of ethics and obtain guidance on the same
  7.  understand the types of Ethical Conflict

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