Incident Investigation & Root Cause Analysis Training

Course Description

Root cause Analysis is a critical activity for organizations and communities to prepare themselves to predict incident and their causes or respond well to a disaster event and its potential impacts. Being prepared for emergencies involves making advanced decisions about managing human, financial, and material resources, and coordinating communication procedures. This course covers a general spectrum of risks and incidents’ root cause analysis in the oil & gas and power generation sectors. The course focuses on organizing a crisis team, Incident response, Incident investigation, Root cause analysis, Incident management and assigning resources to resolve problems and introduces predictive techniques.

Incident Investigation & Root

Course Content:
• Understanding of concept of Risk
• The Risk Management Process: Hazard Identification; Risk Analysis; Risk Control and Mitigation
• Exercise on Risk Analysis / Assessment and Risk Control Measures
• Accident / Incident Investigation – Process / Guidelines / Exercise
• Root Cause Analysis – Accident Theories and their application
• Case Studies / Exercise on Root Cause Analysis
• Tools for Incident Understanding
• Tools for Incident Cause Brainstorming
• Tools for Incident Cause Data Collection
• Tools for Incident Cause Data Analysis
• Tools for Root Cause Identification
• Tools for Root Cause Elimination
• Tools for Solution Implementation
• Examples, Tools, Case Studies, Flowcharts, Checklists, Templates
• Lessons Learned and Action Plans

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this workshop, participants should be able to:
Participants will learn how to manage an incident to protect life, the environment, property, and their company’s reputation. Methods are introduced to identify the causes and consequences and take measures to minimize the likelihood of the event happening or reduce the impact on the asset or its surroundings.

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