Innovation in Civil Engineering


Innovation and entrepreneurship are key drivers in today’s engineering world.

Innovation in Civil Engineering Services

Innovation is the essential attribute of engineering education. The training of innovation ability is an important goal in civil engineering education. Training the applications and innovative ability of engineer is the goal of the reform in civil engineering education.

This training highlights innovations in the design, construction and maintenance of roadway infrastructure from around the world. Learn to produce great designs, be a more effective engineer, and communicate with high emotional and intellectual impact. This project based course gives students the ability to understand, contextualize, and analyze engineering designs and systems. By learning and applying design thinking, students will more effectively solve problems in any domain.

Students will develop an understanding of innovation processes and management within an engineering organizational environment. The organizational structure and the roles of science and technology in promoting an innovative environment, together with the associated risks and uncertainties, will be covered. The value, protection and management of Intellectual Property (IP) both in an organizational and legal context will also be considered.

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