Introduction to ACL

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 The process by which an individual determines direction, influences a group, and directs the group toward a specific goal or mission. 

Introduction to ACL

Course Overview

To be able aware of the use of CAATS and be able to apply in simple cases

Course Objective

To be able to prepare the following with minimal supervision:

  1. A narrative of audit techniques used.
  2. Produce a narrative of data download into ACL.
  3. Produce an example showing data testing done through ACL using different commands to substantiate audit observation.
  4. Able to use ACL for a variety of audit assignments (as required)
  5. In case of using the CAATS audit tools, document all the test performed and fully describe how the data had been extracted from the system, tables used,  databases used, any needed data to save time of re performing the same test in the future.
  1. Course Outcome

    1. Introduction to CAATs and data analysis
    2. ACL Concepts and Overview
    3. Uses of ACL/CAATs on internal audit projects
    4. Basic File Control Commands and Calculations
    5. Creating Data Files
    6. Defining and Editing Data Formats
    7. Sorting & Filtering Data
    8. Population Analysis
    9. Selecting Statistical Samples
    10. Creating Reports                     
    11. Interfacing with Other Software
    12. Advanced Data Types
    13. Basic Programming & Script Processing
    14. Multi-File Processing
    15. Complex File Structures
    16. Documentation and Control

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