Low pressure sewage systems


Low pressure sewage systems Services

Low Pressure Sewer Systems convey wastewater from your home to the regional wastewater treatment facility. They can be used in areas where gravity sewer systems are not economical due to long distances or uneven terrain. The main objective when using low-pressure distribution is to evenly distribute wastewater over the entire surface of the drainfield trenches. To accomplish even distribution, pumps and small diameter pipes with small diameter orifices are utilized.


This training course provides a design procedure for low pressure sewer systems. These systems can be used in areas that are unsuitable for other types of sewer systems due to hilly terrain, flat slopes, high water tables and numerous other site constraints

The course will run through important criteria including the advantages of low pressure sewer systems, the parameters that affect the design of LPS, the friction losses for an LPS. Also, selecting appropriate pipe sizes for an LPS will be talked about.

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