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Welcome to the Mastering Microsoft Power Apps course: Building Custom Business Applications. Power Apps is a low-code platform that allows users to build custom business applications without extensive coding knowledge. This course will guide you through the key features and functionalities of Power Apps, equipping you with the skills to design, develop, and deploy custom applications to solve specific business challenges.

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Power Apps

  • Understanding the purpose and benefits of Power Apps
  • Exploring the Power Apps ecosystem and components
  • Navigating the Power Apps interface and workspace
  • Creating a simple app using Power Apps Studio

Module 2: Designing App User Interfaces

  • Understanding canvas apps vs. model-driven apps
  • Designing app screens and layouts
  • Configuring controls and data bindings
  • Implementing app navigation and menus

Module 3: Working with Data Sources

  • Connecting to various data sources (SharePoint, Excel, SQL, etc.)
  • Creating and managing data connections
  • Utilizing formulas and expressions to manipulate data
  • Implementing data validation and business rules

Module 4: Building Custom Forms

  • Creating custom data entry forms
  • Adding and configuring form controls
  • Implementing form validation and error handling
  • Utilizing formulas and rules for form automation

Module 5: Implementing Business Logic

  • Understanding app formulas and expressions
  • Implementing conditional logic and calculations
  • Utilizing functions and formulas for data manipulation
  • Incorporating business rules and workflows

Module 6: Working with Galleries and Data Visualization

  • Creating and configuring galleries to display data
  • Designing interactive data visualizations
  • Implementing sorting and filtering options
  • Enhancing data visualization with charts and graphs

Module 7: App Integration and Customization

  • Integrating Power Apps with other Office 365 services
  • Utilizing connectors to integrate with external systems
  • Incorporating custom connectors and APIs
  • Customizing app themes and branding

Module 8: App Deployment and Distribution

  • Testing and debugging Power Apps
  • Publishing and deploying apps to end-users
  • Configuring app permissions and security
  • Monitoring and maintaining deployed apps

Module 9: Power Apps Portals

  • Introduction to Power Apps Portals
  • Designing and customizing portal web pages
  • Configuring user authentication and access control
  • Extending portals with custom development options

Module 10: Advanced Power Apps Features

  • Working with AI Builder for intelligent app capabilities
  • Implementing offline capabilities for Power Apps
  • Exploring advanced app development techniques
  • Incorporating custom code with Power Apps Component Framework (PCF)


  • Basic understanding of data structures and business processes
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Office 365 environment
  • No prior experience with Power Apps required

By the end of this course, you will have the knowledge and skills to effectively design, develop, and deploy custom business applications using Power Apps. You will be able to create custom forms, implement business logic, visualize data, integrate with other systems, and deploy apps to end-users. Master Microsoft Power Apps and empower your organization with custom business solutions through the Mastering Microsoft Power Apps: Building Custom Business Applications course

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