OSHAD & Legal Compliance Consulting in Abu Dhabi and Dubai



An OSHAD Gap Analysis objectively assesses how closely the existing management system aligns with the requirements of Abu Dhabi Occupational Safety and Health System Framework (OSHAD SF). Our professional team of OSHAD approved practitioners work with in-house teams to provide effective gap analysis support. Our experts clearly identify the modifications required to comply with the OSHAD SF requirements and include detailed advice on the most effective way to implement changes. OrientMCT will then provide you with a Gap Analysis Report which outlines the OSHAD requirements and identifies where the company is meeting these and where further development is required. The Gap Analysis Report will clearly identify all gaps between your system and requirements of the OSHAD SF and actions required to meet and address these gaps.

OSHAD External Compliance Audit

As an OSHAD approved “Grade A” auditing company, we will conduct OSHAD External Compliance audits to comply with the legal requirements for companies. With our experienced OSHAD approved auditors having experience in auditing different sectors like Building & Construction, Industrial, Hospitality, Healthcare, Waste Management, Food, Commercial, Energy, Educational, Transport and Government will assess the effective implementation of the OSHAD system within the company. With our expertise we will also provide recommendations for the continual improvement of the system in the company.  

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