Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavement


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Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavement Services

As populations in cities grow, natural ground cover is being replaced with impervious surface cover that, in turn, is causing an increase in stormwater runoff. The need to successfully manage and mitigate the harmful effects of stormwater runoff is becoming clear.

This course provides operation and preservation guidance to ensure that permeable pavements function correctly with the aid of offering storm water infiltration and structural assist for site visitors loading. It gives information at the want for pavement renovation as well as specific overall performance standards for the fee-effective maintenance of permeable pavements. Information techniques to ensure the long-time period permeability of the pavement, as well as tactics to evaluate the overall performance of the permeable pavement surface, are presented.

The course will run through  the key features of permeable asphalt, concrete and interlocking concrete block pavements along with guidance, design tools and methodologies to assist in designing pavements to accommodate hydrological and structural pavement design for municipal and parking area permeable pavements and compare equivalent structural designs.

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