Permit to Work


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Course Overview

A permit to work (PTW) system ensures that formal validation and authority is given when
hazardous work is to be undertaken. It ensures that all components of a safe system of work are
established before high-risk work commences, thereby controlling and reducing risk to individuals and
the organization
As per OSHAD – SF Code of Practice No. 21, 27, 24, 17, 2 etc.

Learning Objectives


The necessity for permits to work, including high risk activities


The function and role of a permit to work within the overall risk control framework


The typical contents of a permit to work


The procedure for issuing a permit to work


The cessation and termination of a permit


✓ The responsibilities of the issuer and receiver of the permit ✓ Potential difficulties and solutions with the permit to work system

Course Outline

Day One

1.Purpose of PTW
2.Why PTW
3.Types of Permits
4.Isolation Confirmation Certificate (ICC)
5.Easement Work
6.Key personnel for issuing/handling PTW
7.Duties & Responsibilities of responsible
9.Originator /Issuing Authorit

10. Performing Authority (Task Supervisor)
11. Section XI:
12. HSE officer
13. Gas Tester
14. Gas Testing is required for
15. Validity of Work Permits
16. Distribution of Work Permit
17. Summary
18. Written Test


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