Pest Control for Technicians

Health and Safety

 This training is designed for those who would  anticipate into the Health and Safety for ADQCC approved category

Course Overview

This standard specifies the qualifications and skills required to
perform pest control operations (technician level) and manage
customers of residential / commercial establishments in the
Emirate of Abu Dhabi, understand customer complaints for pests,
assess premise pests’ infestation level, and provide appropriate
service and follow-up.

adqcc approved pest control

Skills Required


Good English skills that enable him to read insecticides labels and inserting data


Having good physical fitness


Good communication skills


Know how to use all tools and equipment properly


Aware of all safety precautions related to PHPC


Sufficient knowledge about insecticides usage and safety


Sufficient knowledge about pests' biology


Enough knowledge about all safety precautions related to insecticides usage

Performance Criteria

  • 1. Examine the nature of pests’ infestation or nuisance in work place
  • 2. Apply integrated pest management approaches and techniques
  • 3.Carry out appropriate control measures against location pests
  • 4. Re-instate location on completion of treatment
  • 5. Apply health and safety measures before, during and after treatment

The Prerequisite to Attend this Course

This highly practical and interactive course has been specifically designed for:

  • Secondary School Certificate
  • Valid Permit for Technician 

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