Principles of construction contracting


The fundamentals of contract law, forms, and administration. 

Principles of construction contracting Services

A contract is a legally binding oral or written agreement describing a relationship between two parties, what each of them agrees to do, and who carries the risk if things do not result as intended. As projects become more complex it is important that all the parties involved (owner, architect, engineer(s) and general contractor construction) have a proper understanding of contract documents and their relationship to the entire project. 

The major functions of a contract Management are to advise on the procurement strategy, advise on contract models and forms of payment, contract conditions and procedures, preparing tender and contract documentation, advise on and evaluating variations, claims and final account.

This course will provide a holistic training to the delegates for the best practice in dealing with the contract procurement, claims, payment and resolving disputes. Both commercial and public contract forms are included. In order to understand the contract management and its importance in a project, it is essential for all the employers, consultants, contractors to train their employees on the procedures involved in the contract management process. Basic building law, contractual responsibilities and obligations are explored.

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