Project planning and control


Planning is vital – but so is the ability to be able to manage and mitigate risk within your projects

Project planning and control Services

Plans are the backbone of any project, programme or portfolio. They tell everyone what to do and when to do it. They are also helpful to show the delivery team what should have happened by now compared to what has, thus ensuring control.

Project management knowledge and skills are required to successfully manage all types of projects. In this Project Planning, Scheduling & Control training course, the practical application of standard project management methodology will be enhanced with a workshop style approach, the use of participant case studies for practical exercises, and a project simulation.

All initiatives face obstacles in terms of meeting quality standards, delivering on time, and staying within budget. You’ll learn how to create a solid and reliable project plan and cost estimation and budgeting with tried-and-true methodologies. You’ll discover how to define the job and determine a realistic critical path. By allocating resources to jobs, aggregating project costs, and factoring in risk, you’ll arrive at a cost estimate. You’ll learn how to keep track of and regulate progress during the execution phase, as well as how to deal with modifications and deviations in order to avoid scope creep and margin leaks. 

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