Roller – Compacted Concrete Pavements


Roller Compacted Concrete Pavement is a type of non-reinforced concrete pavement placed with high density paving equipment.

Roller–Compacted Concrete Pavements Services

Roller-compacted concrete  pavements are a type of concrete pavement that do not include embedded steel or load transfer devices and typically is not jointed due to its method of placement

This course provides an introduction to the materials, methods, delivery and placement of roller-compacted concrete pavements.  RCC pavement design scenarios will be reviewed to show why RCC should be considered as a viable pavement option.  Actual RCC job examples will also be reviewed and the reasons for RCC being selected as the pavement of choice.  In addition, the training will cover some of the various RCC resource documents and websites available to help owners and pavement design engineers learn more about RCC pavements. 

Application of RCC should be considered when it is economically competitive with other construction methods. It may be considered in lieu of gabions or riprap for bank protection, especially in those areas where rubble is scarce. It may be considered for large work pads, aprons, or paved areas, massive open foundations, base slabs, cofferdams, massive backfill, emergency repairs, and overtopping protection for dams.

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