Strengthening Structural Steel Beams

Engineering and Technical

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Strengthening Structural Steel Beams

There are several ways how to increase the bending resistance of a beam. The simplest method is to increase the cross-section size. But this method may not be the most efficient or feasible, especially in the case of an existing building in need of strengthening. In this paper, the method of strengthening a beam by welded inclined stiffeners is investigated. The beam is susceptible to lateral-torsional buckling. A sensitivity study is prepared for the beam length and cross-section size, boundary conditions, and the number and position of stiffeners. A validated numerical model using Comp

Course Outline (Topics)

  • Steel structure fundamentals 

  • Code provisions for renovation of steel structures 

  • Investigating existing conditions 

  • Allowable stresses in early steel 

  • Strengthening methods 

  • Analytical studies 

  • Replacement

  • Passive vs. active methods 

  • Shortening the span 

  • Adding members 

  • Introducing composite action with concrete 

  • Post-tensioning (external prestressing) 

  • Enlarging the section 

  • Strengthening connections

Course Duration

2 days 

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