Surface Water Treatment Plant

Engineering and Technical

 This training is designed for those who would  anticipate into the Engineering and Technical Industry

Surface Water Treatment Plant

The main intent of this course is to familiarize practitioners with the requirements for process design of surface water treatment technologies. The knowledge gained throughout this course will allow participants to identify and calculate the key design criteria for water treatment processes.

Course Outline (Topics)

  • Surface Water Treatment Plant Processes

  • Package Water Treatment Plants 

  • Mixing and Flocculation 

  • Clarification Design 

  • Lime Softening 

  • Media Filter Design 

  • Microfiltration and Ultrafiltration 

  • High Pressure Membranes 

  • Slow Sand and Diatomaceous Earth Filtration 

  • Oxidation and Disinfection 

  • Residuals Handling 

  • Site Selection and Plant Arrangement

Course Duration

2 days 

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