Virtual CISO Services

CISO as a Service

Virtual CISO Services leveraging our cyber security experts to help secure your business. Access world-class expertise to increase your cyber security maturity.

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Virtual CISO Services

What is a V-CISO and Why Do I Need One?


OrientMCT’s  Virtual CISO (V-CISO) service, also referred to as CISO-as-a-Service, offers organisations access to a pool of experts and experienced cyber security practitioners who take on the role of a Chief Information Security Officer in your business. 

Cost Effective

Our cost-effective V-CISO service brings experience in leadership and skills to help define, plan and execute a bespoke strategy unique to your organisation.


Our V-CISOs are supported by our compliance and governance team members to ensure we meet all the varying requirements of your business.

Top 6 Reasons our Clients Selected our Virtual CISO Services

The recent global Ransomware attacks may have CEOs worried but the reality is that most organisations cannot afford a dedicated cyber security team and the associated costs including training, tools and specialist expertise. Our clients list the following six reasons why they selected our cyber security expertise

Required trusted advice from globally-recognised experienced professionals

Wanted the V-CISO to become an extension of their business

Wanted a vendor-neutral perspective, not just someone selling services

Did not have a full-time requirement for a security executive

Wanted the V-CISO to understand office politics and the intricacies of human relationships. A strong stakeholder manager

Wanted the V-CISO to help align their business against international best practices and standards

Benefits of Our Virtual CISO Services

Our virtual services are specifically designed for those organisations that require access to experienced information security and data privacy professionals but are unable to hire one themselves, either due to business and financial constraints or the acute shortage of skilled executives

Significant Cost Savings

Our flexible scale-up or scale-down service allows you to match your changing security requirements and threat landscape while making tangible cost savings

Impartial, Vendor Neutral Advice

Our V-CISO will always act in your best interest to reduce your overall risk exposure, and to ensure maximum value of your current and future cyber security investments

Flexible to Your Needs

We recognize that your business faces constant change and our solution scales to your needs and business requirements

Increased Board and Senior Executive Engagement

Our V-CISO has the experience to educate and present to all types of senior executives, board members and non-technical senior staff

Virtual CISO features


Experienced Cyber Security Practitioners

Access to verifiable expert individuals who have held leadership CISO roles and have a wealth of industry experience


Data Breach Ready

Our V-CISO will oversee and co-ordinate to ensure your business is prepared to deal with data breaches and incidents


Regulatory Compliance and Governance

Our V-CISO will manage and communicate with regulators for all data privacy and information security requests on your behalf


Specialist Training Included

Offer  management-focused cyber security training depending on your requirement, we can deliver our flagship CIPR (Cyber Incident Planning & Response)

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Evaluate, Direct and Monitor

  • Strategic and tactical leadership on information assurance, governance and information risk management.
  • Trusted advisory on information security and data privacy.
  • Strategic and tactical advice to address existing and evolving security threats.
  • Representation for the client in regulatory queries.
  • Participation and leadership in meetings, committees and interaction with board meetings, and other senior executives.
  • Help identify, assess and select cost efficient technologies.

Virtual CISO Service Options

We offer a number of flexible solutions in terms of accessing our V-CISO service:

Retainer Basis

On a monthly contract that you can scale-up or scale-down.

On Project Basis

On a time and material basis, our V-CISO will oversee the whole project and/or transformation

Virtual CISO Services

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