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OrientMCT is leading company in providing windows on AWS & Azure. The most popular, secure, and reliable cloud for Windows

aws application and database migration
application and database migration

Why Microsoft Workloads On AWS With OrientMCT

As an AWS Premier Partner already with numerous AWS competencies, we have successfully deployed numerous Microsoft Applications and Databases onto AWS. We also provide a full suite of cloud managed services including migrating, modernizing and deploying to AWS

Broader Deeper Functionality

Greater Reliability

More Security Capabilities

Faster Performance

Lower Costs

More Migration Experience

The AWS Advantage For Windows Over The Next Largest Cloud Provider

application and database migration


More Regions With Multiple Availability Zones

application and database migration


Fewer Downtime Hours in 2018*

application and database migration


Higher Performance For SQL Sever On Windows

application and database migration


More Services Offering Encryption

Why Partner With OrientMCT
When Migrating Your Application And Database To AWS?

AWS & Migration Expertise
AWS & Migration Expertise

For nearly a decade, OrientMCT has been 100% AWS focused, developing expertise in migrating mission-critical custom legacy applications and data workloads including data warehouses in over hundreds of project engagements

Engagement Flexibility

OrientMCT offers a variety of engagement models allowing customers like you to migrate at your pace, engage at your choice with onshore/offshore AWS certified professionals organized in OrientMCT lead teams, or bundled teams or staff augmentation to complement your organization during its migration journey

aws migration
Team and Business Impact

OrientMCT has supported over 300 customers, enabling customer organizations like yours to reach their business goals as well as enabling their teams with CI/CD and DevOps methods to become highly Cloud proficient

OrientMCT'S Proven Windows Migration Methodology



Create a TCO model to build business justification for your migration project



Build your capabilities and experience how easy it is to migrate to AWS


Migrate & Modernize

Migrate waves of apps, operate and optimize your cloud environment and applications

Windows Workloads For AWS

sql server

SQL Server on Amazon EC2

Choice of several version of Microsoft SQL Server offers you the flexibility to run a database server for as much or as little time as you need, with complete control over the Windows Server settings.

amazon relational

Amazon Relational Database Service

Fully managed relational database service that offers SQL Server 2012, 2014, 2016 and 2017 while offloading database administration tasks like managing backups, detecting failures and recovering & more.

AWS Databases And Tolls We Know Well

Amazon DynamoDB

Amazon RDS

Amazon EMR

Amazon Kinesis

Amazon Neptune

Amazon Aurora

Amazon Data Pipeline

Amazon Glue


Amazon ElastiCache

Amazon Redshift

Amazon DocumentDB (MongoDB compatible)

Amazon CloudSearch

Amazon Lake Formation

Amazon Quantum Ledger Database

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