Authorized Gas testing Hotwork Assessor


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Course Overview

The Authorized Gas Tester Course is aimed to give the
candidates orientation on the correct way of operating gas
detector and testing of atmospheric gases in the confined
space to ensure safe entry, safe working and safe exit of
workers. As per guidelines of OSHAD-SF –Code of Practice
27 – Confined Spaces.

Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be able to:
✓ Define the term PPM, LEL and MEL and explain their significance
✓ Describe the effects of toxic and flammable gases.
✓ Describe the effects of hazardous atmospheric concentrations
✓ List the sources of flammable and toxic gases
✓ List possible sources of ignition
✓ Describe gas testing procedure

Course Outline

Introduction toGas Testing
✓ Definition of term PPM, LEL and MEL
✓ Confined space criteria
✓ Emergency Procedures – Rescue and Resuscitation Equipment, Raising the Alarm and Rescue, Safeguarding the Rescuers, Fire Safety, Control of Plant, First
Aid, Public Emergency Services
✓ Risk Assessment- Confined Space Hazards
✓ The hazards of operating within an oxygen deficient, toxic or flammable environment
✓ Risk assessment(TBRA) or (KBRA)
✓ Using safe systems of work
✓ Interpreting operationalrequirements
✓ Selecting and using PPE and RPE
✓ Gas detecting at Workplace – Pre-start checks, Calibrating the instruments used in atmospheric testing, how to set up relevant detectors for each gas
testing application, the range and frequency of tests, acceptable levels of flammable and toxic gases, performing gas tests in sequence, obtaining a
representative atmosphere sample atmosphere sample
✓ Monitoring and retesting
✓ Flammable Gases – Hot work and the production of flammable and toxic gases, The principles of hot work gas testing, The hazards and properties of
flammable gases, The strengths, and weaknesses of flammable and toxic gas detection equipment
✓ Detectors used for flammable product
✓ Interpreting and documenting the results
✓ The importance of regular communicatio

Course Specifics

  • Duration
    Half Day
  • Assessment Method
    Written and practical assessment.
  •  Delivery Options
    ✓ Instructor-led.
    ✓ The course materials are supported by video &
    group exercises.
  • Certification Validity : 1 year
  • Credentials
    ✓ HAAD approved training centre ACTVET approved
    training centre
    ✓ OSHAD-SF – Code of Practice 27 – Confined Space

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