Basic Audit Concepts / Introduction to Auditing & Audit Execution

Business Management

 The process by which an individual determines direction, influences a group, and directs the group toward a specific goal or mission. 

Basic Audit Concepts / Introduction to Auditing & Audit Execution

Course Outline

To have a general awareness / understanding of foundational internal audit concepts and their applicability to internal auditing.  Specifying on;

  • To be aware of how to complete audit working papers and files
  • Understand the business under review including reports, documentation and financial data etc.
  • Documentation of objectives and SOW and communication to Auditee.
  • Develop audit program to achieve the objectives and covering the SOW.
  • Open and structure working papers/files.
  • Compare evidence with controls or criteria expected, identifying gaps or opportunities for improvements, discussing with Client.
  • Entering final reports into the database with due dates for action plans.
  • Checking implementation of action items on due dates using database and update of database with revisions including external audit.
  • Communicating audit follow-up to all stakeholders.
  • Share/discuss audit findings with client (closing meeting) and agrees action plans
  • Communicating audit results and audit opinion to all stakeholders.

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