Basic Fire Emergency Response

Basic fire safety is essential for protecting lives in your building and it is a requirement you know your workplace fire facts. This course is designed for workers who may face exposure to a firefighting hazard


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Course Overview

This basic fire emergency response training module will educate you how to take preventative actions to avoid or reduce the sources of fire or fire dangers in the workplace, as well as how to respond to an emergency and evacuate in the case of a fire.

Professional emergency response trainers provide participants with life-saving skills and knowledge that they can use to help those who are in danger, in addition to training employees what to do in the event of a workplace emergency or tragedy.

Learning Objectives


Learners will be able to be familiar with the key causes of workplace fires


Learners will be able to Identify the requirements for emergency action and fire prevention plans


Learners will Gain a mastery of in awareness of fire safety equipment in the workplace


Learners will be able to understand and know what to do if a fire breaks out


Learners will be able to learn how to escape quietly and calmly .


Learners will be able to recognize the significance of emergency exits and their components.

Course Outline

Day One

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be able to understand the following:

  • Goal of emergency management
  • Gain awareness of OSHAD SF ver. 3.1 Element – 6.0
  • Emergency management procedure
  • Common emergencies and managing them
  • Emergency arrangements
  • Fire emergency
  • Electrical emergency
  • Hazardous material release
  • Medical emergency
  • Earthquake 
  • Road emergency
  • Rescue options
  • Actions after accident – investigation and reporting

Who Should Attend?

This highly practical and interactive course has been specifically designed for:

Individuals who are in charge of an organization’s, divisions, or municipality’s safety, emergency, or crisis management. Individuals who want to assess their understanding of emergency response practices should take this course.

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