Critical Path Method Scheduling


The critical path method (CPM) is a technique project managers use to schedule their project activities so that everything lands where it’s supposed to and the project fits the approved timeline.

Critical Path Method Scheduling Services

Project scheduling is an important duty that all Project Managers must be able to plan, execute, and track throughout their projects. The concept of critical path and how it can influence the timely completion of a project is an important part of Schedule Management. It’s crucial to grasp the critical path principles and be able to accurately identify the activities that drive the project completion date.

The critical path method has been used in a variety of projects, from construction, aerospace and defense to software and product development, engineering, plant maintenance and more. Projects with interdependent activities can benefit from this.

This course teaches the fundamentals of critical path method (CPM) and the development of schedules based on the CPM network analysis output.

The course will run through important criteria including the fundamentals of CPM, how to develop schedules based on the CPM network analysis output Also, how to to apply the principles to typical projects of all types will be talked about.

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