Data Governance Services

In modern management usage, the term data is increasingly replaced by information or even knowledge in a non-technical context. Thus data management has become information management or knowledge management. This trend obscures the raw data processing and renders interpretation implicit. The distinction between data and derived value is illustrated by the information ladder.


Our Data Management Offerings

Data management is the practice of collecting, keeping, and using data securely, efficiently, and cost-effectively. Managing digital data in an organization involves a broad range of tasks, policies, procedures, and practices. Data management helps minimize potential errors by establishing processes and policies for usage and building trust in the data being used to make decisions across your organization. With reliable, up-to-date data, companies can respond more efficiently to market changes and customer needs.

Orientation to Data Governance

1-day session
with all staff of the organization in batches of maximum 10 to apprise them of the importance of data and how data needs to be governed in their organization

Data Management Policy

1-day session
with related staff of the organization to acquaint them of the requirements of the Data Management Policy and how can it be applied successfully in their organization

Initation of the Chief Data Officer

5-day training of the selected Chief Data Officer

Help in selecting and training the Chief Data Officer, who shall be responsible for strategic guidance, implementation, and activation of the ADGE Internal Data Working Group

Establish Data Management Program

Every entity has to establish a Data Management Program within its organisation in compliance with the Abu Dhabi Data Management Standards, cascaded from the Abu Dhabi Government Data Management Program Strategy, and aligned to the Entity’s own overall Strategic Plan

Data Governance Audit

Conduct risk-based assurance audits to ensure the Program is progressing to schedule, and within its boundaries. Defining the audit criteria for data governance audits. Training the Internal Audit Department in conducting data governance audits. Training the management team in conducting data governance reviews

Data Quality Assessment Service

Introduce measures for continuously assessing data quality, and shall make improvements to processes or information systems to improve data quality on an ongoing basis. Processes for self-assessing cleanliness of data. Conducting data cleansing

Compliance Management

Updating the compliance management system of the organization to include compliance to Abu Dhabi Data Governance Policy in its portfolio.

Data Governance Controls

Ensuring that appropriate controls exist to ensure compliance to the requirements of the Policy. Also ensuring that proper monitoring is being done to create compliance reports.

Design of Service KPIs

Set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Data Management Domains, based on control specifications detailed in  Abu Dhabi Govt. Data Management Standards, and in alignment with the KPIs cascaded from the Abu Dhabi Govt. Data Management Program Strategy.

Data Architecture Service

Documentation of existing data architecture, and definition of appropriate target data architecture roadmap . The documentation created shall be embedded into existing architecture and design processes and artifacts, where these exist.

Specialized Data Services

ADDA Support Service

Support ADDA in the process of evaluating the Entity’s Data Management Program status, and will provide ADDA with the requested inputs to complete the evaluation. This will extend to regularly report the Program’s status to ADDA, against the Data Management Program Plan’s initiatives, milestones and other key metrics.

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Create a Data Catalogue

Create and implement a Data Catalogue to describe the data that is owned by the Entity. The Catalogue will provide business, technical and semantic descriptions of master profiles, reference data and datasets. 

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Data Quality Service

Establish quality metrics for its data, and create a data quality profiling and cleansing plan. The plan shall prioritise the effort based on the following classifications (in order of importance): metadata, reference data, master data, transactional data, audit data and other data. 

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Data Storage Assessment Service

blockchain application development

Data Interoperability Service

Netsuite Development Company
  • Helping make data usable throughout the Government and outside it
  • Help ensure that data is exchanged using formats that are in line with the Abu Dhabi Data Sharing Platform Requirements
  • Help ensure its data is readily shareable and re-usable, and that interoperability conforms to the latest relevant Abu Dhabi Government Standards and Implementation Guidelines
  • Review and document the sharing arrangements of data. The review shall describe the current use and purpose of the data (both internal to the Entity and externally), the method used for exchanging data, and will indicate the potential and appropriateness for re-use (this will include consideration of the security and privacy concerns related to all data)

Open Data Management

Open Data Service

Help implement the Open Data policy of ADDA. Review existing data and the arrangements for data publishing. Plan and help execute a plan to publish the data it owns. This will take account of data quality standards, data use, data rights, and data security and privacy categorization.

Document & Content Management Services

Review the current requirement and usage of documents and the supporting document management capabilities, and establish a plan to standardize document formats, bring all documents under management of defined workflows, describe documents using appropriate metadata, and manage the storage of and access to documents using a repository.

Reference & Master Data Service

Help establish Reference Data Management and Master Data Management capability to manage its reference and master data (as appropriate). Establish a plan to migrate its reference data into an RDM toolset, and to modify systems to integrate with the toolset.

Data & Content Life Cycle

Establish a data-and-content lifecycle, which should include sufficient coverage to ensure that obsolete documents and content are archived and eventually destroyed at the appropriate time, after taking the consent written approval from the National Archives on the relevant national archives requirement.

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