Flexible and Rigid Pavement Design


Responsible for ensuring that the designs created are compliant with Department rules, procedures, standards, guidelines, and sound engineering practices.

Flexible and Rigid Pavement Design ​Services

This course focuses on the technology that is applied in the design and construction of rigid pavements incorporating concrete. It covers the supporting layers, thickness design, using joint design, detailing and layout.

The training is intended to provide background information on pavement design and construction, illustrate recommended best practices, and furnish information for field personnel that will be helpful in solving day-to-day job site problems. It will focus on changes in pavement design, material usage and construction techniques will result in better performing pavements that have less impact on the environment.

Participants will examine implications of soils and pavement materials, roadway drainage, and practical techniques for field evaluation of pavement conditions. In addition to reviewing causes of pavement, we will discuss pavement maintenance and rehabilitation techniques such as patching, crack sealing, thin surface restoration techniques, overlays, and other innovative methods and materials.

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