this course will teach delegates to learn and demonstrate to a level of competence on how to operate fire fighting and fire protection equipment and how to deal with various fire situations 


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Course Overview

This course is intended to provide a general overview of the forklift safety program and the operational concepts and safety related work practices typically employed regarding forklift operations safety. it provides training in the safe-work concepts and techniques typically required by OSHAD to ensure employee safety regarding powered industrial trucks. 

Learning Objectives


Understand safety regulations regarding forklift operation.  


Understand the hazards involved with forklifts.


Be familiar with common forklift injury statistics.  


Be familiar with the overall forklift safety program.  


Understand the need for site planning and assessment.  


The critical dangers associated with forklift usage. 

Course Outline

Day One
  • Regulatory Standard  
  • Circumstances of Injury  
  • Forklift Traffic Patterns  
  • Forklift Types and Designations  
  • Basic Forklift Principles  
  • Forklift Operating Principles  
  • Handling and Moving Loads  
  • Dangerous Driving Conditions

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