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Course Overview

This course is designed for Supervisors & Engineers, working on frontline of safety, to improve overall Supervisory skills along with enhancing Health & Safety skills based on OSHAD
SF & Managing Safely standards.

Learning Objectives

▪ Health and Safety Regulations within Abu Dhabi/UAE and how it applies to Supervisors
▪ Roles & Responsibilities of a Supervisors in controlling site risks
▪ Risk assessment
▪ The Method Statement
▪ Effective Site Inductions, Toolbox Talks and Method Statement Briefings
▪ Monitoring site activities effectively
▪ Timely intervention when bad practice is identified
▪ Reporting bad practices and responding emergencies
▪ To clearly define the role of a supervisor
▪ Set out clear guidelines for effective supervisory/management
▪ To enable participants to effectively supervise their staff by understanding key principles of leadership and motivation
▪ To understand the principles of “effective communication” and how to use communication skills to make sure things get done properly and on time.
▪ To enable delegates to understand the value of delegation and prioritizing, so they are more effective and efficient in theirwork
▪ To examine the principles of management, effective planning and self-organization
▪ To give delegates greater self-awareness to enable them to improve their relationship with both those who manage them, and with their subordinates

Course Outline

What is OSHAD: Roles and Responsibilities
• Employers Responsibilities (OSHAD Elements)
• OSH Responsibilities
• OSH Responsibilities
• Risk Management
• Risk Assessment
• Risk Control
• Method Statement
• Effective Site Inductions, Toolbox Talks and Method Statement
• Monitoring Site Activities Effectively
• Timely Supervisory Intervention
• Reporting Bad Practices and Responding Emergency
• Supervisory skill
• Core Skills to be a Good Supervisor
• Methods to Gain Trust and Develop Your Supervisory Skills
• PMBOK • Managing Safely as IOSH MS guidelines
• Set out Clear Guidelines for Effective Supervisory/Management
• Understanding Key Principles of Leadership and Motivation
• Workplace communication
• The Four Steps of Delegation Work to Worker
• Prioritizing
• Fayol’s 14 Principles of Management
• Rules for Planning and Organizing
• People Management
• Incident Investigation:
• Phases & Knowledge areas of Project Management as per

Who Should Attend?

Scissor lift Operators helpers and supervisors

o Half Day
• Assessment Method
o Written and practical assessment One on One
Reviews and Follow ups with the student on their
performance. Doubt clarification, feedback session.
• Delivery Options
o Instructor-led.
o The course materials are supported by video &
group exercises.
o Certification Validity : 1 year
• Credentials
o HAAD approved training centre ACTVET approved
training centre OSHAD registered trainer

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