Information Systems & Technology Audit (Basic)

Business Management

 The process by which an individual determines direction, influences a group, and directs the group toward a specific goal or mission. 

Information Systems & Technology Audit (Basic)

Course Outline


IS&T Related GRC

  • Understand the different IT functions
  • Understand the concept of IT corporate governance and key information objective
  • Understand the relationship between IS&T and Business risks & objectives


Organization’s IS&T Environment

    • Understand the concept of different data structures
    • Understand the key business & operational applications and supporting systems,
    • Understand the relevant legal and regulatory requirements related to IS&T

IS&T Audit Techniques

  • Understand different standard ISIT auditing practices and techniques
  • Understand the quality of data and its relationships to business processes
  • Understand the common IT Audit tasks


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