Integrated Geomechanics in Exploration and Production


The “Integrated Geomechanics in Exploration and Production” course is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of geomechanics and its critical role in the oil and gas industry. This course offers detailed insights into the application of geomechanical principles in exploration and production, focusing on maximizing resource recovery and ensuring operational safety.


  • Understand the fundamentals of geomechanics: Gain a solid foundation in the principles of geomechanics, including stress, strain, and rock properties.
  • Application in exploration: Learn how geomechanical analysis can optimize exploration activities, from seismic interpretation to wellbore stability.
  • Production optimization: Explore techniques to enhance production efficiency, manage reservoir depletion, and prevent subsidence.
  • Operational safety: Emphasize the importance of geomechanics in maintaining well integrity and mitigating risks such as wellbore collapse and sand production.
  • Introduction to Geomechanics:

    • Fundamental concepts of stress and strain
    • Rock mechanical properties and their measurement
  • Geomechanical Modeling:

    • Building and calibrating geomechanical models
    • Application of models in predicting subsurface behavior
  • Wellbore Stability:

    • Factors affecting wellbore stability
    • Techniques for maintaining wellbore integrity
  • Fracture Mechanics:

    • Understanding fracture initiation and propagation
    • Hydraulic fracturing and its applications in reservoir stimulation
  • Reservoir Geomechanics:

    • Impact of geomechanics on reservoir performance
    • Strategies for managing reservoir pressure and production-induced deformation
  • Sand Production and Control:

    • Mechanisms of sand production
    • Techniques for sand control and management
  • Geomechanics in Field Development Planning:

    • Integration of geomechanics in field development strategies
    • Case studies on successful field applications
  • By the end of this course, participants will:

    • Have a robust understanding of geomechanical principles and their applications in the oil and gas industry.
    • Be able to apply geomechanical concepts to solve practical problems in exploration and production.
    • Develop skills to build and interpret geomechanical models.
    • Understand the techniques for enhancing wellbore stability and managing sand production.
    • Gain insights into the role of geomechanics in optimizing reservoir performance and ensuring operational safety.
  • Geologists
  • Petroleum Engineers
  • Reservoir Engineers
  • Drilling Engineers
  • Production Engineers
  • Anyone interested in understanding the application of geomechanics in the oil and gas industry

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